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Neuro-T Awarded the Korea Challenge Participation Award at 'Try Everything 2022'

Neurocle (CEO Hong-Suk Lee) was awarded the ‘Korea Challenge Participation Award’ at the ‘Try Everything 2022’ Global Startup Grand Festival held from the 21st (Wed.) of September to the 23rd (Fri.) at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

‘Try Everything’ is a global startup festival where members of the startup ecosystem such as promising startups, large and medium-sized companies, investors, and accelerators from all over the world come together. Seoul City has been hosting Try Everything in September every year since 2020 in order to revitalize the startup ecosystem.

At this event, competitions were held by combining excellent Venture Capitals (VC) in each category of the ‘Korea Challenge (Startup of 3~7 years)’ and the ‘National Startup Audition (Startup under 3 years)’.

Neurocle is a company that strives to develop no-code deep learning software to make a world where everyone can easily use deep learning technology. It provides users with opportunities to produce deep learning models with the best performance through their self-developed deep learning model optimization algorithm and the inference engine.

‘Neuro-T’, the software developed by Neurocle, is a no-code, deep learning vision model learning software. Anyone can handle and apply deep learning technology without any limits on knowledge regarding software development or deep learning. The reason why deep learning models can be created without a code is thanks to the ‘Auto Deep Learning Algorithm’. This algorithm, self-developed by Neurocle, automatically finds learning parameters and the optimal deep learning structure.

‘Neuro-T’ is now in charge of the work the original deep learning engineers previously performed. In order to carry out the original deep learning projects, an in-house deep learning development team or an external engineering team were required. However, if we use Neurocle’s software, it helps solve problems such as the financial burden of outsourcing, the communication process with engineers, and the limitation of the number of models that can be created per project.

Neuro-T is not only proving its value in the domestic market but also abroad. Neurocle official explained, “Neuro-T received the Innovators Award hosted by the Vision Systems Design, two years in a row, and was acknowledged for the product’s innovativeness. Furthermore, it was selected as one of the global top 10 finalists in the Cowen Startup Challenge, proving its outstanding technology. Neurocle is currently laying the foundation to leap forward as a global company.”

Meanwhile, Seoul was selected as one of the global TOP 10 cities in the world to start a business this year. Various players from the startup ecosystem such as large global conglomerates, investment institutions, unicorn companies, and media companies are participating to further revitalize the Seoul startup ecosystem.

Accordingly, more than 40 programs, such as competitions, lectures, and seminars, were held at Try Everything 2022 to expand domestic startups’ global expansion and revitalize the startup ecosystem in Seoul. Various global institutions and domestic and foreign startup ecosystem experts from the South Summit, Extreme. Challenge, Startup Genome, and the U.S. Embassy in Seoul also participated.


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