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Food & Beverage

Among manufacturing industries, the food and beverage industry has the highest regard for hygiene and freshness. Risk for consumer recalls due to defects in packaging or hygiene issues is high for food and beverage products.
Neurocle's deep learning vision software can help maintain hygiene and contribute to consumer satisfaction by preventing damage to food and beverages and preventing contamination.

Foreign substance inspection

Inspection of contamination and foreign substances such as dust, particles, mold, and hair

By adopting Neurocle's deep learning vision software, you can ensure consistent product quality.

As contamination must be strictly avoided for food products, increased inspection accuracy with Neurocle software can prevent consumer complaints and reduce labor costs.


Company 'C' instant rice foreign substance inspection

Foreign substance

Packaging inspection

Inspection of primary and secondary packaging for sealing, tampering, assembly, and defects

Food and beverage packaging is an important part of ensuring product quality and safety. Damaged product packaging due to entrapment, holes, and tunneling during sealing may leave a negative impression to consumers.

Inspection with Neurocle's deep learning vision software helps avoid product recalls and rework.

실링검사_seg (1).png

Company 'P' wrapper sealing inspection


Shape inspection

Inspection of bottle exterior, packaging, and label defects

Punctures, scratches, and stains on food and beverage packages are often found late in the production process and are often overlooked.

Through Neurocle software, you can ensure quality by inspecting cans for cosmetic defects, product orientation, and label quality/placement.

패키지 외관 검사-cla.png
패키지 외관 검사.png

Company 'N' bottle external defect inspection


Production date inspection

Production & expiration date OCR inspection

Inspection of the production date entails many difficulties. Due to high-speed printing, it is difficult to maintain the printing quality and letter size and spacing of bottles, pouches, and embossed/engraved products. 

Neurocle software can recognize production and expiration dates engraved on the surface of products such as bottles and pouches, maintaining their accuracy based on training results from a large amount of alphabetic and numeric data.

제조일자 검사_ocr.png
제조일자 검사.png

Company 'M' product date inspection

Production date

Innovate product quality inspection with deep learning.

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