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The automobile manufacturing industry was mechanized and automated in its early stages to increase productivity. Currently, almost all automotive parts, systems, and sub-assemblies are produced through artificial intelligence technology. However, there are still processes that are too complex to be automated and cannot be solved by machine vision or rule-based algorithms. 

Neurocle's deep learning vision software enables visual inspection and classification of inspections that cannot be automated by traditional machine vision algorithms.


Assembly inspection

Assembly inspection of in-vehicle parts such as door trim, window switches, and steering wheel

Neurocle deep learning vision software ensures that all parts are present, correctly positioned, and assembled perfectly. It also allows you to do this at the speed of a computer, quickly, accurately and at scale.


Company 'L' automotive component assembly inspection

Sealant inspection

Sealer & primer application inspection

Most primers are still applied manually today.

If the primer is not applied correctly due to human error, it reduces the connectivity and stability of the adjacent components, leading to a critical impact on the final product quality.

Neurocle software can improve the quality of the product by detecting unusual sealant conditions and providing their status information.

sunroof primer_seg.png
sunroof primer.png

Company 'W' sealant inspection


Auto parts surface inspection

Surface defect inspection of auto parts

In automobile manufacturing, the integrity of each component and accessory assemblies must be guaranteed, as a small defect can compromise the performance and safety of the entire component. Neurocle software accurately recognizes and detects subtle cosmetic defects of auto parts.


Company 'S' auto parts inspection

Auto parts

Innovate product quality inspection with deep learning.

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