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In a CT scan analysis, areas as small as 5 mm can be detected. Neurocle software allows you to determine the exact location and size of diseases and cancers of the lungs, chest, larynx, neck, and other muscles and bones.

Chest CT

Lung CT scan analysis for lesion location and volume information

Neurocle software detects diseases and small nodules within the lung tissue.

It also determines the presence and size of lung cancer, its stage, and whether it has metastasized from other organs.

Chest CT_Seg.png
Chest CT.png
Chest CT
Musculoskeletal CT

Musculoskeletal CT

Musculoskeletal CT scan analysis for exact location of lesions and degree of damage to muscles and ligaments

Structural abnormalities of various musculoskeletal and neurological diseases such as fractures, degenerative arthritis, and disc herniation can be analyzed.

Musculoskeletal CT_seg.png
Musculoskeletal CT (1).png

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