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Auto Deep Learning
Vision Software

Optimized to Vision Inspection

Experience machine vision-based inspection with deep learning. Maximize productivity without compromising product reliability by automating inspection with Neurocle software.

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Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable Battery

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Heavy Industry & Metal

Heavy Industry & Metal

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Semiconductor & Display

Semiconductor & Display

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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage


Minimize costs & Maximize reliability

Maintain high detection power

Accurately detect irregular defects

Auto Deep Learning Algorithm automatically generates an optimal deep learning model that detects atypical defects.

Build a deep learning total solution 

Improve inspection performance by adding on to existing rule-based inspection components such as overfit filtering.

Increase inspection efficiency

Efficient maintenance

Through the Fast Retraining function, minimize the time required for retraining models and enable easy maintenance even if new defects are added or parts are replaced.

Optimization support

Acheive target speed even in fields where short tack time is important by optimization suited for a wide range of equipments.

Complete projects without outsourcing

Direct project management by in-house experts

In-house manufacturing domain experts can create deep learning vision models directly without outsourcing deep learning engineers.


Trusted by Leading Partners


Renault Korea Motors

The biggest advantage of Neurocle software was its quick response onsite. At manufacturing sites, part changes and new defects are common. Despite these variables, due dates must be met; inspection models must be changed quickly. The Fast Retraining feature in Neurocle software made it easy and fast to maintain the model and complete the inspection without delays.

AGC Inc.

Fast processing time is essential for us. At the production site, inspection speed must be up to the speed of the equipment. Defects detected on glass surfaces each have different shapes, but other inspection software often miss out on irregular defects. For us, there was no reason not to use Neurocle software after we discovered that inspection is both fast and accurate with this software.

The Imaging Company

Our experience with Neurocle has been very good in terms of both results and the support we have received. They are very much willing to troubleshoot any issues that our customers face. We enjoy a good working relationship with Neurocle and find them to be responsive to our inquiries and needs. Neurocle always works alongside customers to ensure satisfaction with their DL solution.

Innovate product quality inspection with deep learning.

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