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Rechargeable Battery

As the rechargeable battery industry grows rapidly, it is becoming increasingly important to compete with quality. Inspection automation through deep learning plays an essential role in improving quality and productivity.

Build a solution to conduct quality inspection using Neurocle deep learning vision software.

Cylindrical Battery Inspection

Cap welding inspection

Dents and pollution on the battery cap can be detected with Neurocle software. Through defect detection before the assembly process, defective products can be minimized during the welding process. ​Eliminate factors that may effect battery performance before the final process.

Body inspection

The external surface of the battery is made up of an aluminum metal case that wraps and protects the internal anode, cathode, electrolyte, and separator. Defects such as scratches and holes in the metal case may reduce the stability of the battery.

Using Neurocle software, you can inspect various battery body defects that occur during the production process.

원통형 배터리_cla.png
원통형 배터리.png

Company 'L' cylindrical battery cap inspection

cylindrical battery_seg (3).png
cylindrical battery.png

Company 'L' cylindrical battery body inspection

Cylindrical battery
Pouch battery

Pouch Battery Inspection

Pouch surface inspection

The surface of the pouch is a protective covering made of aluminum film. Aluminium films can be easily damaged even from minor impacts, which affect the performance and stability of the battery. Because there are various types of film defects, deep learning vision inspection is the most suitable technology for its inspection.

Anode/Cathode alignment inspection

Electrical Die Sorting (EDS) is done at the final stage of battery production. This inspection is essential to ensure pre-shipment battery performance, but it is a physical inspection that takes a long time.

Deep learning vision test based on X-ray images that allow you to see the internal components allows inspection without contact to be completed in a short period of time.

pouch-type battery_cla.png
pouch-type battery.png

Company 'S' pouch surface inspection

배터리 전극 검사_seg.png
배터리 전극 검사.png

Company 'L' electrode alignment inspection

Innovate product quality inspection with deep learning.

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