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Grow together with outstanding colleagues​

We believe that innovation and growth comes from collaboration. 

Check out Neurocle's organizational culture. 

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Hard workers who enjoy what they do

Enjoy work

Hard workers who enjoy

what they do

At Neurocle, we work fiercely because we are immersed in our work and find pleasure in it. The reasons and standards for enjoying work vary from person to person, but finding enjoyment in the process or outcome of work is a common aspect of Neurocle members.

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Leaders who take
the first step

Be proactive

Leaders who take the first step

We don't work under someone else's orders. We take initiative in doing what is important and necessary. If you enjoy setting and implementing your own goals, you're a good fit for Neurocle.

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A little dry;
team players nevertheless


A little dry; team players nevertheless

The atmosphere in the office can be a little quiet because we like to stay focused, but we still like to work as a team. When we have a hard time, we are comfortable asking for help. Likewise, we actively help our colleagues when they are having a hard time. We think and care for not only ourselves but our colleagues, team, and organization as a whole.

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Greedy for growth


Greedy for growth

We don't look for those currently at their best but those who want to be the best 3-5 years later. We strive to become the best experts by acknowledging and improving our shortcomings with a humble attitude.

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Persistent in problem solving discussions


Persistent in problem solving discussions

Discussions about essence and a culture of active communication are one of Neurocle's most powerful and competitive aspects. These are essence of our organizational culture. We grow through the process of discussing and solving difficult issues with each other.

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Be a part of our team


Be a part of our team

11 Principles for Neurocle Members

Here we share how we work at Neurocle. These principles guide our everyday tasks.


11 Principles for Neurocle Members

1. Discuss your way into the nature of the issue.

2. Reasonable criticism is for everyone.

3. Always share the beginning, middle, and end of your task.

4. “Initiative” shines brighter at the finish line.

5. Go beyond what you’re assigned—stay proactive.

6. Check your growth on a daily basis.

7. Learn like a child, share like a teacher.

8. Make all decisions with the long-term interests of the company as a whole.

9. Express your opinions in their words.

10. Deliver results with tenacity and thoroughness.

11. Autonomy is based on individual responsibility.

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