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Semiconductor & Display

In manufacturing a semiconductor from a wafer, there are numerous inspection and measurement steps in place to ensure that the semiconductor is assembled as designed without defects. From monitoring the diameter to wafer notch detection or lead frame inspection before wire bonding in the process of forming boules, perform a thorough inspection to prevent defects at each manufacturing stage using Neurocle deep learning vision software.

Wafer inspection

Wafer surface inspection for irregular cracks and foreign matter

Defects such as edge cracks, claw scratches, holes, cutting marks, breaches, and foreign particles may be detected on the surface of semiconductor wafers. 

Wafer manufacturing is the first step in the entire semiconductor manufacturing process, and wafers are important components because they can affect the precision of the circuitry.

You can expect to improve the quality of wafers, the basis of semiconductor integrated circuits, through Neurocle's software.


Company 'T' wafer surface inspection


Packaging inspection

Mold & lead inspection

You can detect mold defects that occur during the packaging process. Lead frames can also be inspected for its presence or damage, as well as detection defects such as abnormal shapes/plating prior to delivery and usage of the semiconductor.

Neurocle software ensures performance at the last stage of post-processing and produces a high-performing semiconductor.

IC chip_cla.png
IC chip.png

 Company 'S' packaging inspection

OLED inspection

Post-evaporation inspection

Defects after the evaporation process that evaporates organic and metal elements onto the substrate can be inspected.

Defects such as cracks, peeling, and scratches in complex structures can be detected to prevent quality degradation such as low quality display.


 Company 'S' panel inspection


LCD inspection

Array production inspection

Neurocle software can detect defects in complex patterns that occur during array production, which is the core process of LCD panel manufacturing.

Reduces losses in subsequent processes and increase the production yield through integration with the repair system.


 Company 'A' panel array inspection


Innovate product quality inspection with deep learning.

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