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AI Deep Learning
Education Software

Easy Teaching by Practical Training

From learning basic concepts to real-life project experience, cover the entire AI process with one software. Anticipate improvements in practical skills with personalized learning.

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Resolving entry barriers to AI technology

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Easy to use

Intuitively designed tabs & icons

You don't need to teach complex algorithms or coding to teach artificial intelligence. As students follow along with the straightforward tabs and icons in our software, they will find themselves comfortably using the software to train AI models.

Diverse project options

Different topics for each student

Conduct projects on various topics under unique conditions and environments. Experience the A-Z of AI projects: direct image data acquisition to labeling, model creation, and application.

Understand AI mechanisms

From data acquisition to application of artificial intelligence models 

Develop an understanding of the overall flow and mechanism of artificial intelligence projects through Neurocle software education.


Our partners in education

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AI Lab Instructor at Gangneung Jungang HS

Even if you don't have much programming knowledge, you can still implement artificial intelligence theories and check results with just a few clicks. It's easy to learn, so students have fun without getting bored. As the software creates an AI model very quickly, students can practice with the model within the time constraints of a one class period. With a semester-long class, students can expect great improvements through multiple practice sessions.

Student at JEI University

“No-code tool” sounded like I wouldn’t learn anything from it, and coding seemed difficult because it requires expertise. Neurocle software was easy for training AI models as a no-code tool. At the same time, it helped me understand how deep learning works. After trying out a whole project from acquiring data to deploying AI models myself, I now understand the flow of deep learning.

Professor of Radiology at Kyunghee University

Neurocle software enriched our research with the freedom to experiment with different methods. When we used to have external engineers make our AI models, we were always a little disappointed that we couldn't try as many different ideas as we wanted. With Neurocle, we were able to take full control of our research and get closer to the results we wanted.

Build the next generation of AI experts.

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