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In the steel industry, it is important to control various defects that determine product quality. The detection of surface defects during plating and painting, or surface defects of coils and steel plates, is carried out through human visual inspection of a selection of samples. 
Neurocle's software enables defect inspection that remains consistent even with subtle differences in lighting conditions.

Steel surface inspection

Surface defect inspection on steel

Many surface defects can occur in rolled steel, and automatic vision-based defect detection of steel surfaces is a challenging task due to the different types of defect patterns and low contrast between the defects and the background.

Neurocle software can detect defects such as crazing, inclusions, patches, pitted surfaces, rolled in scales, and scratches on steel surfaces.

철강 외관 검사_cla.png
철강 외관 검사.png

Company 'S' steel surface inspection

Steel surface
​Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing

Inspection for welding defects in steel structures

A steel structure using high-strength steel has high workability and earthquake resistance, but has many joints. Weld defects and cracks in joints have the most significant influence on the function and safety of steel structures, so it is essential to detect defects and cracks in areas where defects in welds and fatigue cracks are prone to occur. 

Neurocle's deep learning vision software can detect defects such as pores, incomplete penetrations, incomplete melts, cracks, and overlaps through non-destructive image analysis.

Non-destructive inspection of structures and parts of boilers, tanks, pipelines, pumps, engines, etc.

Inspection of the mechanical and structural condition of various structures has been long conducted by visual inspection. The results varied depending on the individual, and expensive equipment for inspection assistance was required.

Neurocle software allows you to quickly and accurately check the structural integrity of bolted joints, welded joints, debris, corrosion, wear, etc.

용접 결함_cla.png
용접 결함.png

Company 'K' film defect inspection

파이프 검사_seg.png
파이프 검사.png

Company 'K' film defect inspection

Innovate product quality inspection with deep learning.

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