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Core Technology

Customized Model Optimization is One Click Away

Neurocle Auto DL

Auto Deep Learning Algorithm

Auto Deep Learning Algorithm automatically optimizes all factors such as the model network, optimizer, decay method, initial learning rate, batch size, and epoch​ for optimal model training. With this algorithm, anyone can take advantage of deep learning technology.

User-friendly for non-expert users

You don't have to be an expert. Anyone can join the deep learning project and take initiative.

Rapid integration

of technology

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No more complicated outsourcing. Complete your deep learning projects from start to finish without relying on external parties.

Engineer resource reduction

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Lighten the burden of your engineers. Reduces the time and energy spent on hyperparameter tuning.


Maximized efficiency and performance compared to existing solutions

Deep learning vision inspection usually involves the process of repeating the training process until the model reaches the desired performance level.

Neurocle's Auto Deep Learning vision inspection automatically finds the optimal deep learning model structure and training parameters, creating the best model with one click.

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Real-life success stories with Neurocle

Save time by insourcing your deep learning projects

A project facing delays due to outsourcing completed their task in two weeks with Auto Deep Learning.

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Transform non-experts into deep learning project managers

Within the first 3 days of product training, staff without previous knowledge of deep learning generated a model with 99.7% performance.

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