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Doctor-Driven Modeling
AI Software

Applicable for Any Medical Image

Detect lesions in small, microscopic areas along with their exact location and size information. Neurocle software takes over the role of deep learning experts and assists medical professionals in their research.



Computed Tomography




This illustration, created at the Center

Electron Microscope

Electron Microscopy

MRI Scan Image_edited.jpg


Magnetic Resonance Imaging




Pelvic X-Ray_edited.jpg





Positron Emission Tomography/CT


A convenient way to explore various research fields

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Improved research environment

Deep learning projects without engineers

Medical professionals can directly create and train deep learning models to conduct research with easy-to-use, no-code software.

Automatic reporting on lesion detection

Detailed analysis results displayed on automatically generated reports aid diagnosis.

High disease detection rate

Accurate disease area detection with high-performance DL model

Built-in Auto Deep Learning Algorithm automatically finds the optimal deep learning model structure and creates a high-performance deep learning model.

Suitable for any research topic

All research based on medical imaging data made possible

All medical images can be interpreted through Neurocle's vision technology, allowing research in a variety of medical subfields. 


Our partners in healthcare

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Professor of Gastroenterology at Hallym University

Before we found Neurocle, I analyzed all medical images by myself. It was a time-consuming task, but by using AI technology, research time has been significantly reduced. I am very satisfied with how efficient our research became with using Neurocle software.

Professor of Radiology at Soonchunhyang University

Neurocle software is a useful tool for designing and conducting medical research. We are now capable of filling all the roles of deep learning engineers who we previously had to outsource for research models. It is convenient that research using deep learning can be done without a deep learning expert.

Professor of Periodontology at Wonkwang University

Back then, we outsourced deep learning engineers for any kind of deep learning research. Since they only provided us with one deep learning model at a time, it was very inconvenient when there were changes in the topic or data. With Neurocle software, choosing a topic became easier as we could now interpret any kind of image without outsourcing. We no longer have restrictions on our research.


Software for
medical research

Our GUI-based software is easy to use so that you can create own deep learning models without the help of a deep learning engineer.
We provide 6 types of deep learning models that can be applied to CT, MRI, X-Ray, and more. With Neurocle, there are no limits to research. 

Use of Endoscopic Images in the Prediction of Submucosal Invasion of Gastric Neoplasms: Automated Deep Learning Model Development and Usability Study


Easy deep learning for medical professionals.

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