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​Learning essential concepts and terms

Neurocle software allows you to study the most basic knowledge for applying computer vision in industries. Learn the basics of deep learning such as search algorithms, knowledge representation, reasoning for problem-solving, pattern recognition, and neural networks.

If your students want to...

- Learn the basic concepts of deep learning.
- Understand the process of creating an AI model.

- Understand the basic structure of neural networks.

Exploring data processing

Learn how to manage data sets for creating deep learning models using Neurocle software. Get familiar with processing data in a form suitable for training.


Understanding AI models 

Understand the characteristics of the six AI model types* through our software. Develop the ability to choose the appropriate type of model for different projects. 

*6 types of AI models: Classification, Segmentation, Object Detection, Anomaly Detection, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Rotation.


Understanding hyperparameters

Adjust hyperparameters* for optimal model implementation, identifying the characteristics and typical considerations for each hyperparameter through the process. 

*Various factors that determine the performance of a deep learning model (ex; learning rate, cost function, mini-batch size, hidden unit)


​Understanding and analyzing model performance indicators

Evaluate and analyze the performance of the created model.


Build the next generation of AI experts.

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