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Neurocle Showcases Auto DL Vision Software at VISION 2022 in Germany & The Vision Show in the US

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

This October, Neurocle returned from two successful events, VISION 2022 in Germany and The Vision Show in the United States.

▲ Neurocle's booth at The Vision Show (US)

VISION 2022, held this year at Stuttgart, Germany, from October 4-6, is a world-scale machine vision fair held every two years. The Vision Show, which was held in Boston, USA, from October 11 to 13, is drawing attention as an exhibition for identifying machine vision and imaging trends in the international market.

At the exhibition, Neurocle showcased deep learning model trainers Neuro-T, Neuro-X, and runtime API engine Neuro-R. Neuro-T and Neuro-R support features such as:

▷ Auto Deep Learning Algorithm, an algorithm that creates an optimal deep learning model for data without deep learning expertise

▷ Data management system, a structure that can systematically manage training datasets

▷ Various platform integration for automatic optimization, from industrial high-performance server PCs to embedded boards.

With these features, Neurocle software makes deep learning vision technology available to domain experts in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and security without coding.

In particular, the Vision Tour attracted visitors to Neurocle's booth. The German Vision Tour targeted potential customers interested in adopting a vision system to their existing inspection system. The tour introduced how Neurocle technology is used in the pharmaceutical industry to inspect pills and catheters for defects. Meanwhile, the tour at the Vision Show in the US was held for students interested in automation technology. The tour included an example of inspection for surface defects on batteries and razor blades, explaining the application of Neurocle's deep learning vision technology in the manufacturing industry. An American tour participant commented, "It is very impressive that even a non-expert with no coding knowledge can create a high-performance deep learning model with just a few clicks." The Vision Tour between the two countries showcasing Neurocle's innovative technology attracted considerable interest from local buyers and tour customers.

▲ CEO Hongsuk Lee conducting the Vision Tour at VISION 2022 in Germany

Such an enthusiastic response from the local community was an opportunity to confirm the positive customer response to Neurocle's deep learning vision technology in the global vision market. A Neurocle official said, "Through our participation in the global exhibitions, we have not only been recognized for our technological competitiveness but also saw significant outcomes in building global networking and creating practical business opportunities."

Neurocle is a company specializing in deep learning vision software, currently in active business with ten countries in Asia and Europe. In the future, the company plans to participate in various overseas exhibitions to develop brand competitiveness and further accelerate global business expansion.


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