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Neurocle won ‘2023 Innovators Awards’ by Vision Systems Design

“The product stands out with its excellent model performance and meticulous features that maximize user convenience.”

Neurocle announced that ‘Neuro-T’ has won the '2023 Innovators Awards' by Vision Systems Design. Vision Systems Design is a leading media that provides insightful information on the latest trends and innovative products in the global machine vision industry. Considered as one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, the evaluation criteria for this award include the uniqueness, innovation, and impact on users and the industry ecosystem of the product or technology. Neurocle has received this award for three consecutive years.

Neuro-T is a deep learning vision software which interprets and classifies the image for industrial engineers. Users can preprocess image, create deep learning model, and evaluate the performance of the model before deployment. What makes this product special is ‘Auto Deep Learning Algorithm’ which automatically selects the optimal architecture and training parameter for optimal model. By leveraging this technology, users can easily create high-performance model.

An official from Vision Systems Design said, "The 'Auto Deep Learning Algorithm' installed in Neuro-T has shown an excellence in user convenience and productivity in that it allows users to create a high- performance deep learning model without coding." He added, "We highly appreciated the fact that it greatly reduces user resources through carefully designed functions such as 'Auto-Labeling' that automatically labels images and 'Inference Center' that can evaluates the performance of the model before applying the model to the field."

Hongsuk Lee, CEO of Neurocle, said, "It is such a significant achievement for us to win the most prestigious award in the machine vision industry for three consecutive years. As a global player, we will continue to launch user-friendly functions and services to meet the satisfaction of our customers.”


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