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Neurocle Presents a New Direction for Medical Research at ‘AOCR‧KCR 2022’

AI software company Neurocle participated in the "AOCR·KCR 2022" (20th Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology and 78th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Radiology) held at COEX for five days from September 20th to the 24th. Neurocle introduced Neuro-T, an AI medical research software, and conducted a seminar on AI technology to present a new direction for medical research.

Neurocle presented various excellent research cases using Neuro-T at the exhibition booth, expressing the ambition to contribute to the future of the medical industry by promoting medical research. Neuro-T allows medical staff to create AI image analysis models without external guidance. Third parties often conduct AI research in the medical community, but Neuro-T allows medical staff to lead overall AI research directly, enabling unrestricted medical research.

Neuro-T is optimized for medical research that considers the convenience of medical staff. Even without knowledge of AI technology, you can create an AI model with just a few clicks. In addition, it provides several useful features for image labeling, which is essential in creating AI models. The Auto-Labeling function, which provides recommended areas based on existing labels, and the Magic Wand function, which automatically selects regions of similar colors based on the color value of pixels clicked by the user, dramatically reduce labeling resources for large datasets. In addition, since Neurocle's deep learning technology can analyze all medical images such as ultrasound, CT, X-Ray, and MRI, there are no restrictions when selecting research topics. Medical staff can select research topics with a higher degree of freedom and conduct research in an autonomous environment.

Recognizing the excellence of the software, leading university hospitals and institutions in Korea, including the National Forensic Service, Korea University Medical Center, Soonchunhyang University Hospital, and Hallym University Medical Center, are actively conducting research with Neuro-T.

▲Hongsuk Lee, Neurocle CEO, presenting at AI Stage

At the AI Stage presentation on the 21st during the conference, Neurocle CEO Hongsuk Lee presented "Auto Deep Learning Algorithm – Leads the Paradigm Shift in Medical Research." Neurocle's Auto Deep Learning technology automatically generates high-performance deep learning models by finding the optimal deep learning structure. Neuro-T implements the Auto Deep Learning technology to accurately analyze medical images, resulting in high lesion detection power and generating consistently high-performance models. Neurocle expects their technology to promote the active use of AI technology in medical research.

Lee said, "Neurocle wants to contribute to the new era of imaging medicine," adding, "We will continue to make efforts to develop AI solutions and technologies so that medical research widely employs innovative technology in the future."


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