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Neurocle named Cool Vendor in AI for Computer Vision by Gartner

IT research company Gartner named Neurocle Inc. as 2021 Cool Vendor in AI for Computer Vision.

Gartner analyzes creative, innovative vendors (suppliers) leading the future and selects comprehensively excellent companies to introduce them on their 'Cool Vendor' report. Gartner's report is cited in media around the world, and many companies pay attention to their report to predict technology trends and use the evaluations of companies and products for business.

AI Innovation (China), Prospera Technologies (Israel) were also selected as 2021 Cool Vendors in AI for Computer Vision. This year, the originality and practical application cases of the Auto Deep Learning Vision Software, Neuro-T & Neuro-R, played a major role in the selection of Neurocle as a Cool Vendor.

"As a company specializing in AI, I think it impressed Gartner analysts that we had unique technologies and succeeded in commercialization and business development rather quickly," said Neurocle CEO Hongsuk Lee. "As we expect global companies to refer to Gartner's report, we take this as an opportunity to actively target global markets."

Since its establishment, Neurocle has successfully signed contracts with large companies and university hospitals in various fields such as manufacturing, medical, and logistics based on its innovative technology and products, and is rapidly growing into a global AI company by advancing overseas in about 10 countries, including major Asian countries.


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