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Neurocle has been selected as '2023 Emerging AI+X Top 100'

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Neurocle, a company specializing in AI vision software, was selected as the '2023 Emerging AI+X Top 100'.

‘2023 Emerging AI+X Top 100’ evaluation is conducted by Artificial Intelligent Industry Association, a leading AI organization in Korea. A panel of judges include industry-academic AI experts who made decision after in-depth discussions. The aim of this selection is to discover promising AI companies and promote cooperation between companies for AI+X convergence. The selectees are domestic companies that are expected to lead future innovation through convergence between artificial intelligence (AI) technology and various industries (X). The criteria for selection are future values such as growth and innovation that the companies are expected to show with their technology. Neurocle has been recognized for its convergence of AI technology with a wide variety of industries.

Neurocle is a company that develops deep learning vision software for vision inspection. As a standard toolkit, it contributes to automating inspection and maximizing product quality in various industries such as batteries, semiconductors, displays, automobiles, and food and beverage. Neurocle's products are specialized in the detection of atypical defects, and they are suitable for environments where new defects with a non-constant pattern frequently occur. Regardless of industry and manufacturing process, it boasts reliable and high performance during complex and difficult vision inspections. This is the very differentiated competitiveness that solves the challenges of machine learning. What makes this possible is is Neurocle's original technology called 'Auto Deep Learning Algorithm’. This is a function that automatically optimizes parameters necessary for optimal model learning, and users can create high-performance models with a click with the function. Neurocle, which guarantees overwhelming inspection accuracy, is recognized for its innovative technology from its major customers like Hyundai, LG and SK.

“Since our foundation, we have maintained our initial resolution to provide standard toolkit that anyone can easily use. This selection is very meaningful since it made us to reflect on our initial mission and cheers us that we have been walking through the right path. We will do our best to build AI ecosystem globally through continuous development." said Lee Hong-seok, CEO of Neurocle.

Meanwhile, Neurocle got commendation by the Minister of SMEs and Startups for promotion of venture business in December 2022. Neurocle was recognized for its contribution to job creation and industrial development as a leading player.


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