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Neurocle AI Deep Learning Vision Software Sweeps International Awards

Neuro-X, a deep learning vision software for experts developed by Neurocle, received the Innovators Awards on June 6. The awards ceremony took place at AUTOMATE 2022, North America's largest automated exhibition in Detroit, USA. Neurocle was also the only TOP 10 finalist among startups in Asia at The Cowen Startup Challenge held by COWEN, the sponsor of AUTOMATE 2022.

Vision Systems Design, a global media company trusted in the machine vision industry, organizes an annual 'Innovators Awards' program to celebrate and promote the innovative technologies and products found in machine vision and imaging. Neurocle won the award in the software category for Neuro-X this year, following the previous year's distinction with Neuro-T. Both Neuro-T and Neuro-X are software for users to generate AI deep learning models without coding. Neuro-T allows industry professionals to automatically optimize the performance of their models with an Auto Deep Learning Algorithm, while Neuro-X offers deep learning experts the freedom to optimize models by adjusting hyperparameters. Neuro-T and Neuro-X have attracted the attention of users by creating high-performance deep learning models while maximizing user convenience.

▲CEO Hongsuk Lee at the Innovators Awards Ceremony

AUTOMATE is a great opportunity to explore the various solutions and key technologies that contribute to automation—from AI technology to robotics. Neurocle advanced to the finals of The Cowen Startup Challenge along with other notable startups in the field of robotics and automation, presenting its Auto Deep Learning technology. With this technology, Neurocle was recognized for contributing to automation and consolidated its position as a rising startup. Lee said, "As we are preparing to actively expand into the Americas and Europe, we are pleased to see the innovative nature of our technology recognized worldwide."

▲CEO Hongsuk Lee (second from left) and finalist startup officials

Later this year, Neurocle will be participating in the machine vision industry's largest exhibition in Europe and the United States to showcase Neuro-T and Neuro-X. Neurocle anticipates expanding its business not only domestically but also globally.


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