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Digital New Deal Fund Leads to Growing Interest in Neurocle AI Software

This year's government budget for human resources development in the field of artificial intelligence and software is 266.2 billion won, an increase of 30 billion won from last year. Hence, the education industry is paying attention to Neurocle, an AI startup that develops and supplies AI deep learning vision software to various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and security.

According to industry officials, the expertise of AI education is expected to be gradually enhanced due to the increase in investment. Interest is growing beyond education with emphasis on the principles of artificial intelligence to cultivating practical talents using technologies and software used in the actual industries. So, more and more are reviewing software such as Neurocle software Neuro-T and Neuro-R.

Neurocle CEO Hongsuk Lee said, “The fact that deep learning vision technology can be used easily and accurately seems to be fulfilling the needs of both the industrial field and the education field. In the future, it will be the core of AI education to use appropriate software so that the practical skills learned in educational institutions can be used in the industrial field.”

Neurocle provides deep learning vision software (Neuro-T & Neuro-R) that anyone can easily use and has various features such as the following:

• Auto Deep Learning Algorithm — an algorithm that creates an optimized deep learning model for images without deep learning expertise

• Data management system — a structure that can systematically refine images for creating deep learning models

• Support for various platforms — the optimization for various platforms, from high-performance industrial servers to embedded platform based-experimental cars


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