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AI Education Software ‘Neuro-EDU’ 3.1 Release!

Neuro-EDU 3.1, an AI deep learning education software, has been released.

Neuro-Edu is a no code platform where students can learn the basic knowledge of AI Deep Learning and experience the overall workflow of model creation and field deployment. It has been developed to solve the problem of lack of AI professionals and AI education solutions. Neuro-EDU was designed in a way that anyone can easily teach and learn AI deep learning, thereby lowering the barriers to entry into deep learning education. Students can easily build deep learning model by following taps and icons on GUI with user-friendly UX and UI.

Main features of this 3.1 updates include ▲Inference Center(a place where users can predict and evaluate the performance of model before applying them to hardware devices)and ▲Rotation Model(a model that automatically rotates images in any angle to its proper orientation)

The key benefit of Neuro-EDU is that students can experience the overall workflow of deep learning from image preprocessing to model creation and field application. By doing so, students can understand different types of models and their usage in various cases. Also, they can how to preprocess image by using some tools.

In addition, students can conduct hands-on projects by applying the model to real-time devices. Cases of projects using Neuro-EDU include ‘AI Judge for Board Game’, ‘Traffic SignalㆍHumanㆍObject Detection for Autonomous Vehicle’. By conducting these projects, students can improve their understanding on how the models that interpret the image or videos work on field.

Currently, educational institutions that are actively utilizing Neuro-Edu for AI education and research include Kyung Hee University Medical School, JEI University, Changwon University, and Gangneung Central High School. Jeong-su Jeon, the marketing team leader of N0eurocle said, "Our ultimate goal is to educate and train students to become industrial engineer with AI related experience. Based on the experience of with Neuro-EDU, students will be able to adapt easily and quickly to the industrial field in the future”.

Meanwhile, Neurocle will participate in 2023 Korea Education Fair (A Hall, F28), which will be held at COEX from Jan 12th to 14th. Visitors can improve their understanding of Neuro-EDU with demos and try it in ‘Experience Zone’. Also, through various activities such as seminar and showcase Neurocle will be actively promoting Neuro-EDU.


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