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New Features

Neurocle Software v3.1 Release
Neuro-T | Neuro-X | Neuro-R

Inference Center

Predict inference results and review your project before deploying the models trained in Neuro-T/Neuro-X to Neuro-R for runtime inference.
Connect multiple models and display the predicted inference results in the GUI. Modify the model design until desired inference time is reached, minimizing trial and error during actual deployment.

inference center (1).jpg

Rotation Model

Predict rotation angle for images in various angles and automatically correct the orientation of the image​. Rotation model can be used as preprocessing tool ​for other models to improve accuracy.

rotation model (2) (1).png

Tag & Flag

Categorize and manage data conveniently with Tag & Flag. Group images by multicolored tags, and easily spot models and label sets by flags.

Tag & Flag (1) (1).png

Measurement Tool

Determine the actual size of objects by measure angles and distance within the image viewer​. For .DICOM images, the scale factor is extracted from the metadata for automatic calculation of a scale ratio.

Measurement tool.png
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