Deep Learning Vision Software
with Auto Deep Learning

Create the best deep learning model with just a few clicks


Our deep learning vision software trains models for image recognition. Its intuitive GUI and auto deep learning technology makes it possible for non-experts to create high-quality models with just a few clicks.


Our deep learning vision software utilized to run models.

Models are deployed and embedded to possibly any device. 

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4 Easy Steps to
Create Deep Learning Models

딥러닝 이미지 뉴로클

Collect Images


라벨링 label labeling 뉴로클

Label Images


AutoDL 자동화 뉴로클

Create and Train Models


딥러닝 도입 최적화 자동화 뉴로클

Run Created Models


What Neuro-T and Neuro-R Offer

What you can do with Neuro-T and Neuro-R

Simultaneously collaborate with your team accross
any device

Share your project with internal coworkers and external partners anytime and anywhere through the local cloud server provided by Neuro-T.

Easily create models
Auto Deep Learning

Collect and label your data with just a few click-and-drags, and leave the rest to Neuro-T. Our auto deep learning algorithm will create you the best-performing models.

Apply your models to
various processors
including embedded devices

Run the light-weight models on embedded devices such as smart cameras.