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Deep Learning Vision Software with Auto DL


Create the Best Deep Learning Model with a Few Clicks


Deep learning vision software to train models

for image recognition

Intuitive GUI and Auto Deep learning make

it possible for non-experts to create high-quality deep learning models.


Deep learning vision software for inference module. It can be used for model deployment to various embedded device platforms 

4 Easy Steps to Create a Deep Learning Model

Collect Images


Label Images


Select Model type

and Train


Inference models you created


Offerings of Neuro-T & Neuro-R


Distinguish between class and concepts of images

Object Detection

Distinguish the class of each object and detect its location as a box shape in an image

Semantic Segmentation

Recognize the object, its location, and its precise shape in an image

What Can You Do with Neuro-T & Neuro-R? 

Create Deep Learning Models Easily

through Auto Deep Learning

Auto deep learning algorithm self-discovers optimal hyper-parameters,

it makes it very easy for anyone to obtain the best-performing models.

Collaborate with Various Users from

Any Device Simultaneously

You can share your project with internal coworkers and external partners through the local cloud server provided by Neuro-T.

Apply Your Models to Various Processor

including Embedded Device

You can run the light-weight models on embedded devices

such as smart cameras.

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Recognize characters in the images

Anomaly Detection

Detect outliers in the data, distinguish between normal and abnormal images

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