Core Technology

Deep Learning & Computer Vision

Deep Learning

The key highlight of our technology is to provide optimal parameters, to train massive amounts of data and to inference to embedded systems easily by deep learning methods. Neurocle makes significant investments in R&D resources in deep learning research continuously.

Computer Vision

Neurocle seeks to automate tasks that the human visual system can do by computer vision technology. Neurocle has a pool of certified specialists with extensive knowledge of computer vision and image analysis.

Target Embedded Device


Real life application

Recognize various objects such as people, car, road in real life

Defense Imaging

Find unsual movements and dangers such as missile, explosives.


Detect corrupted products in various manufacturing fields 


Detect diseases, weeds to increase the yield of agricultural foods.

Social Media

Moderate, validate or filter user content


Analyze the motion captured by the camera and detect abnormal behavior


Detect anomalies in human’s body, read X-ray screens.


recognize products automatically and book directly


Create deep learning model easily and apply to student's project


Detect and analyze customers' products.

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