Neurocle won the Korea ImpaCT-ech Grand Prize 2021

Neurocle, a startup in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), won the Korea Information and Communication Promotion Association Award at the 2021 Korea ImpaCT-ech Awards.

Neurocle has been selected due to the innovation and growth potential of its core products, Neuro-T & Neuro-R(Deep Learning Vision Software). Through this product, Neurocle received good reviews of inspiring innovation that make non-deep learning experts can create and utilize high-performance deep learning vision models in various industries such as manufacturing/medical/logistics/security.

Neuro-T is a deep learning vision software that can create a deep learning model for image analysis. Users can freely manage image data on a GUI and use automatic deep learning algorithm to optimize the model without coding. Neuro-R is a runtime API that can apply models created in Neuro-T to the field. It supports various platforms from large-scale server PCs to embedded processors, and it can run models optimized for each platform in real time.

Since non experts are leading the project and are actually using AI technology in manufacturing surface inspection project, CT and X-ray medical image analysis, and logistics packaging inspection, It was also highly evaluated that Neurocle expanded the usability of deep learning vision technology.

Hongsuk Lee(CEO of Neurocle) said ”We break through the practical limitations that make it difficult to apply the technology, such as the absence of deep learning and development experts, input resources, and security issues. We have been devoted to research and development for deep learning vision software so that any non-professional can apply it to actual work. We are pleased to be recognized externally through this award.”