Neurocle to attend AI EXPO KOREA 2021

Neurocle will participate in the AI EXPO 2021 (Artificial Intelligence EXPO 2021), which will be held at COEX, Seoul from March 24 to 26, and introduce Auto Deep Learning Vision Software (Neuro-T & Neuro-R).

This AI EXPO KOREA 2021 is organized and hosted by three organizations, including the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, ICT-related exhibition company Seoul Messe International, and the AI Newspaper. Visitors can check, share, and network information related to artificial intelligence (AI) at once, such as business models, business strategies of domestic and foreign companies.

Neurocle will present Neuro-T & Neuro-R version 2.2 with a large number of new features added at this exhibition. Neuro-T & Neuro-R are innovative software which support △Auto Deep Learning algorithms(Algorithms that create an optimal deep learning model for image analysis) △Data management system(Systematic structure that can manage learning data) △ Various platform support(Optimized and applicable from industrial high-performance server PC to embedded platforms), etc. It is characterized by being able to easily utilize deep learning vision technology in various industries such as medical/logistics/security/education fields.

Neurocle operates an experience zone where you can get a glimpse of various actual cases, such as inspection of pharmaceuticals, inspection of logistics packaging, and analysis of medical CT images. Through this, it is possible to easily understand cases in which AI technology has been introduced in each field, and will help understand not only those in charge who want to use the actual AI technology, but also customers who want to use it for education.

Marketing manager of Neurocle said, “Through AI EXPO 2021, we will show new features of our products to potential customers who are visiting the exhibition. We will continue to develop our products to strengthen our position as a leading AI company.”