Neurocle shows deep learning vision software at the KOREA MAT 2021 and Butech 2021 exhibition

Neurocle will participate in the International Logistics Industry Exhibition (5/25-28) and Busan International Machinery Exhibition (5/26-29) which are respectively held at Ilsan KINTEX and BEXCO in Busan.

At the International Logistics Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as KOREA MAT 2021), there are technologies and services to prepare for the future of the logistics industry and you can see cutting edge equipment and technologies at the Busan International Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as BUTECH 2021).

Neurocle presents version 2.3 of Deep Learning Image Analysis Software (Neuro-T & Neuro-R) at KOREA MAT 2021 and BUTECH 2021. Neuro-T and Neuro-R are industry-wide products that enable non-experts use deep learning vision technology without coding in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and security. They have useful functions like ▷ data management systems (systematically manageable structures) ▷ auto deep-learning algorithm (an algorithm making optimized deep learning model that fits the given data) ▷support various platforms (from high-performance industrial server PCs to embedded boards)

Neurocle operates an experience zone in the booth where visitors can get a glimpse of various actual applications such as appearance defect inspection, logistics packaging inspection, and serial number recognition. Through this, it will be easy to understand cases in which deep learning technology is introduced in each field, helping customers to understand smart factory and logistics automation. "Recently, Neurocle won the "2021 Korea Impact Tech Grand Prize" Korea Association Award for ICT Promotion, being recognized for its technological innovation. It is also successfully expanding business by succeeding to supply products to major Korean conglomerates," a Neurocle official said. "We expect the exhibitions in May would be opportunities for Neurocle to show its software based on technology accumulated for long term." he added.