Neurocle selected for 2019 Innovative start-up company

Neurocle, a company that is developing deep learning vision software, said Wednesday that it has been selected as an innovative start-up company by IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea) Chang-Gong.

IBK Chang-Gong Program is a start-up platform that supports financial and non-financial services such as office, investment and loan, consulting and market reclamation so that start-ups can build successful business models. This time, Total 20 Companies were selected at the odds of one in 12.

IBK Chang-Gong has so far fostered a total of 119 innovative start-ups, supported 28.1 billion won in investment and loans and 1,200 consulting and mentoring. The Industrial Bank of Korea will provide selected companies with office space in the form of a shared office, one-on-one mentoring, demo day to attract investment and market refurbishment. It also plans to carry out up to 500 million won in direct investment and follow-up investments for top companies.

This year, Neurocle is planning active business. Its Deep Learning Vision Software called Neuro-T and Neuro-RT will be officially released sometime in January this year. It is expected that AI Deep Learning technology, which was considered a unique area of experts, will be developed so that non-experts can easily apply it in the fields they want, and thus will receive the spotlight in each industry that needs to interpret images.

Meanwhile, Hongsuk Lee(CEO of Neurocle Inc.) said, "We are pleased to have the opportunity to upgrade our business professionally through the program of the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. "We will become a company that will transform the ecosystem of AI deep learning vision software through the IBK Chang-Gong program."

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