Impact on various industries of Auto Deep Learning Vision Technology

While artificial intelligence is regarded as the major technology that will lead the 4th industrial revolution, Neurocle has developed Neuro-T and Neuro-R, which are deep learning-based image analysis software that can be easily used by non-experts and non-developers. These are being applied to various fields.

Neurocle, which has moved into AI Yangjae Hub, is a startup started by experts of leading companies and universities under the vision of “Making Deep Learning Vision Technology More Accessible”. Neurocle is developing deep learning vision software(Neuro-T & Neuro-R) so that non-experts can directly perform deep learning vision projects in various industries.

Neuro-T & Neuro-R are deep learning-based software that has been launched after lengthy development and research. Once the user collects and classifies image data, Neuro-T’s own automatic deep learning algorithm analyzes the characteristics of the image and analyzes the new image based on created deep learning model. Contrary to the traditional method for users to code, the Auto Deep Learning algorithm can be used to create the best-optimized model without coding.

Neuro-R is a runtime API that helps with model deployment, supporting optimized integration with various inference platforms including GPU and embedded processors. Neurocle explained that it has surpassed the limitations of existing deep learning vision software that only high-performance GPUs can run deep learning models.

“The deep learning vision technology will be used in more and more industries,” said Hongsuk Lee, CEO of Neurocle. “To use deep learning vision technology, deep learning experts are still needed. But we suggest a more efficient way to use GUI-based vision software that can be used freely rather than hiring experts in each field."

Neurocle's Auto Deep Learning Software is currently being applied to automotive parts such as manufacturers' defect detection processes and cosmetics logistics inspection processes of logistics companies. It is also used for endoscopic image analysis and microscopic cell image analysis.