Neurocle announces new upgrade of Neuro-T & Neuro-R v2.3: add NVIDIA RTX 30series support and DICOM

Neurocle, a global AI company, has newly updated version 2.2 of the deep learning vision software(Neuro-T & Neuro-R), which add NVIDIA GPU RTX 30 series support and DICOM image format support.

Neuro-T & Neuro-R are deep learning vision software that can create deep learning models for image analysis and analyze them in real time. It is characterized by being able to easily utilize deep learning vision technology in various industries such as medical/logistics/security/education fields.

Neurocle officially supports NVIDIA's new GPU series, the RTX30 series. Neurocle explained that it reflected the needs of customers to use deep learning vision technology in an optimal hardware. Neurocle's customers can take effect of up to 1.9 times speed improvement when using software on the RTX 30 series environment.

In this version, users can utilize DICOM(Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)based image format for image analysis. Through this, it is expected that customers using DICOM images in various industries will be able to easily utilize deep learning vision technology. In addition, the detection threshold setting function is added and the convenience of UX/UI is increased, which is expected to satisfy customers of various industries who wish to utilize deep learning vision technology.

Hongsuk Lee(CEO of Neurocle) said, "Version 2.2 includes a function to reflect customer needs in accordance with the changes in the market. We will continue to introduce deep learning vision technology that enables easy creation of high-performance models in a wider variety of environments."