Neuro-T & Neuro-R 2.1 version with enhanced speed and new features

Neurocle Inc.(, a leading international provider of deep learning vision software, announced release of the new version 2.1 of its software Neuro-T&Neuro-R on December 16, 2020.

Neuro-T is a deep learning vision software that can create a deep learning model for image analysis. Users can manage image data on the GUI-based software and use its own auto deep learning algorithm to optimize the model without coding. Neuro-R is a runtime API that can apply models created by Neuro-T. It supports a variety of platforms from server PCs to embedded processors, and it can run models optimized for each platform.

Neurocle focused on improving scalability and speed in version 2.1. The software has been expanded so that deep learning vision technology can be used in a wider variety of environments by supporting Linux OS and expanding the applied processing platform such as CPU. The usability is maximized by supporting APIs that can increase user convenience, such as Python API and REST API. In addition, it provides more efficient processes to customers by improving data processing speed by more than 10 times compared to the previous version.

Also, Neurocle participated in the Smart Manufacturing Machinery Industry Exhibition (SMEX 2020) held in November under the theme of 'The Korean Version of the New Deal, the Beginning of Smart Factory' and successfully finished it. Neurocle's CEO Hongsuk Lee said, ‘In spite of COVID-19, we are steadily increasing contact points with customers by launching new versions and participating in online exhibitions. And succeeded supplying software to large corporations, university hospitals, and schools.' He said, ‘In 2021, as COVID-19 calms down, we expect to expand business at home and abroad in earnest.’