Deep Learning Vision Software "Neuro-T" To be released

Neurocle made public the development of deep learning vision software "Neuro-T" is in its final stages and is about to be released.

Neuro-T, developed by Neurocle, is a software that can train and identify images on its own, and is expected to be developed so that non-experts can easily apply deep learning technology in the areas they wanted, which was considered a unique domain of experts.

There are many areas where deep learning technology of Neuro-T can be used. For example, various objects, such as vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights, and explosives, can be analyzed accurately to respond in a timely manner when a danger situation in areas such as national defense, security services, and autonomous driving occurs. In addition, early detection of the disease in the agricultural area can be done in advance.

"We hope this launch will be the first step toward the generalization of deep learning technology," said Hongsuk Lee, CEO of the Neurocle. "Because Neuro-T is designed to work in a variety of devices and environments, we hope that it will be applied to large number of applications without constraints to the environment. We also expect that Neuro-T make it easier for customers to make deep learning model easily, more accurately, and at more affordable price. 출처 :