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Neurocle maximizes the productivity of rechargeable battery market with superior detection accuracy

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Nowadays, everything is powered by a rechargeable battery.

In the global trend of eco-friendly and carbon neutrality, rechargeable battery is key to sustainable growth. The global rechargeable battery market is expected to grow to approximately USD 351.7 billion by 2030, and the fierce competition continues to dominate the global market. Following this trend, the importance of reliable quality inspection is becoming more and more prominent. It turns out that the number of manufacturers who are applying AI-based vision inspections to facility is increasing significantly.

Precise and rapid quality inspection is essential in the manufacturing process of secondary batteries that are directly related to human survival. However, the defect test is not easy for them for several reasons. First of all, the criteria for determining defects are ambiguous, and it is not easy to acquire various and sufficient defective data. Also, the shape and material of the batteries varies, increasing the frequency of atypical defects. Finally, due to the coexistence of gloss and matte areas in the battery, the difficulty of setting the optical environment is high.

Neurocle addresses these issues through vision solutions using AI deep learning technology. Neurocle’s solution has been recognized by vision industry for its high accruacy of detecting atypical or minute defects in complex environments. What makes this possible is its core technology called ‘Auto Deep Learning Algorithm’. Auto Deep Learning Algorithm is a technology developed by Neurocle and is a function that automatically optimizes parameters necessary for optimal model learning. The user may easily generate a high-performance AI model with this function.

Neurocle’s solution is applicable to entire manufacturing process of all kinds of battery, from small batteries to medium and large batteries for EVs and ESSs. The use case includes Coated Electrode Sheet Defect Inspection, Cap Welding Inspection, Anode/Cathode alignment inspection, and Body Surface Inspection of Cylindrical & Pouch Batteries. Neurocle’s solution guarantees high inspection accuracy when detecting various scratches, foreign substance, dirt, contamination, pinholes, etc.

For those who have been implementing conventional vision inspection like rule-based algorithm or vision inspection, it is common that they suffer from low productivity and high resource inputs. However, Neurocle’s solution can be the key to solve the problems with its high detecting accuracy and usability.


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